The attorneys of Napier & George, PS handle both sides of collection issues but specialize in Plaintiff work. With the proliferation of contracts in modern life and with the economic issues of the last few years, collections have become a necessity for both individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Our office handles collections on both an hourly rate and on a contingency fee basis. We collect more aggressively than a typical collection agency and we do it at a lower cost to you. The end result is that our clients receive more funds in a shorter time span.

We are a litigation intensive law firm with thousands of cases worth of experience in breach of contract and collections. Individuals and businesses alike have made us their sole collection tool. When handling business accounts, we work with debtors to resolve the account amicably in the interest of keeping them as potential business customers for you in the future. However, if an amicable solution cannot be reached, we can litigate very aggressively and pursue forcible collections through all means available (Supplemental Proceedings, Wage and Bank Garnishments, Writs of Execution of Personal Property, etc.)

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