Traffic Citations

Everyone hates getting tickets, even us. Oftentimes, the biggest concern when receiving a citation is not the price of the ticket itself but the effect that it will have upon your insurance rates for the next 3 years. We understand that your driving record is particularly important if you are a commercial driver trying to become or stay employed, or if you're a business with increasing company rates for the commercial drivers that you insure.

For those reasons, Napier & George, PS began handling traffic citations in a different way than most attorneys. While most large traffic citation firms work for quantity over quality, Napier & George, PS makes sure that each of our clients gets the full representation that they deserve.

Many major traffic citation firms offer the bare minimum amount of representation needed to work out a deal with the prosecutor or resolve the citation with a deferred finding. The end result is that their clients still end up with a citation on their record or a requirement that they get no other citations for a year just to make sure the first one gets dismissed.

We handle things differently. Our office fights tooth and nail for a dismissal rather than working out a plea agreement. The end result is that we have a dismissal rate of double some of the other major firms. This ensures that your insurance rates will not increase because the ticket is dismissed and gone forever. For our work with businesses, this means that the cost to have commercial drivers goes down and the profits of the business go up.

Give us a call or email us to find out what we can do to help keep your insurance rates down. Of course, just like everything else we do, you will receive a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our attorneys to explain the process to you.